Top 15 Free Email Accounts

 1. Gmail: - Features mobile access and promises less spam than other services.

 2. Hushmail: - Provides a storage allowance of up to 10 GB, and unlimited email aliases.

 3. Hotmail: - Launched in 1997, provides an integrated service with the MSN Messenger app.

 4. GMX: - Contains unlimited storage and can send attachments which are 50MB in size.

 5. Mail: - Unlimited storage and you can pick from numerous domain names: such as

 6. Inbox: - Has a storage limit of 30GB, alongside the usual spam and virus protection.

 7. Yahoo!: - Launched in 1997, features an effective spam filter, and a free virus scanner.

 8. Zoho: - The free "Lite" account has 5GB mail storage per user and no adverts to cover service.

 9. Aol: - One of the first free mail services; integrated with AOL's easy instant messaging.

 10. Orange: - Spam and virus protection.

 11. iCloud: - Apple's mail service, which can be used with or addresses.

 12. Shortmail: Shortmail - "Fun" email service, drawback/strength: limited to 500 characters per message.

 13. Blazemail: - Provides 1GB of storage; minus: has been some hosting issues.

 14. Lavabit: - POP3 account which features DSPAM library for filtering spam. Minus: low storage.

 15. Freeola: - Unlimited usage; minus: needs access from Freeola Internet.

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